my tomodachi Japan



Company name
January 4th 2018
Kenyu Yamamoto

Dec 4th 2018, My Tomodachi Japan established.

April 1st 2019 Life Style Support started.

Capital Funds:20,000,000 yen
Our team will do our best to support those of you who dream of living in Japan. We aim to diversify Japan through our service.
To make your move to Japan as simple as possible.
To become a leading company by 2020 that provides new life advisory services for people who are eager to move to Japan.
Management Philosophy
MTJ abides by the laws of Japan in order to bring about a fair and just corporation. We respect diversity and we hope to communicate the cultures, philosophies and opinions of others. We also aim to respect partnerships between businesses and our clients.
Corporate Philosophy
Here at MTJ, we aim to create an atmosphere where employee’s can express themselves freely and in the presence of others, regardless of cultural differences and opinions. A safe working environment that promotes consideration and cooperation from others.
5 Core Values

- Respect

- Challenge

- Fun

- Love

- Acceptance


CEO’S Message

Lately, more and more people are becoming interested in Japan and I’m excited to hear that. However, while there are a great amount of people who want to come to Japan for long-term living, they don’t know how to get started. There are a lot of concerns that come up and this makes people hesitate into making their move. That is why I decided to start this service. Our team will support you in every way we can to the best of our abilities.

For corporations which are looking to hire employees, we are all about to be driven into the age of globalization. Even though it is not necessary for us to hire foreigners, it will be necessary in the future.

I would like to contribute to society by helping client’s and preparing corporations for the demand of globalization in the future. MTJ will continue to advocate for the differences that people from all over the world bring to Japan. Our aim is to bring people together and create a world of peace and diversity.