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MTJ Tip and Q&A for Corona virus situation

Tip #1 : It’s free to register and have an online meeting to answer any questions you might have.

Since there are many things to talk about for the process of moving to Japan under this situation, it is always better to talk and ask any questions you might have through an online meeting. No payment necessary and it just takes a minute to register!

Tip #2 : Have fun working in Japan rather than living in fear of the coronavirus.

Do not let the coronavirus take over your dream of moving to Japan. In Japan, we have managed to limit the number of people infected with the coronavirus to 2,031 which is 0.001% for the total population in Japan. Additionally, It will take 4 months or more for you to come to Japan and work after you get accepted by our program. So things will be more settled by then. Since we still have to work in order to survive why not have fun working in Japan in the meantime?

Tip #3 : Start saving your money now in order for you to start living in Japan.

In order to make your Japan move possible you will need to pay for your flight ticket, furniture, first month’s rent and any other miscellaneous items in order to have a standard living which will be roughly ¥500,000 ($4,646 or £3,766). If you want to come to Japan soon, we advise you to start saving money asap.

The coronavirus situation in Japan at the moment.

Q. Is Health/Medical Insurance covered by MTJ?

A. Yes. Once you get a job in Japan and work with us, we will make sure that you have health insurance in case you get sick. Japan's health insurance covers 70% of most medical fees.

Q. Under this situation, how is MTJ running this service?

A. So far, there are many candidates who got accepted this year who plan to arrive in Japan for the summer. The number of people who have coronavirus in Japan as of 4/1 is 2,031 which is 0.001% of the total population of Japan. Therefore, our staff are still managing to work non-remotely in Japan.

Q. Does the virus affect the working visa process?

A. The coronavirus situation does not affect the working visa process. Our employees come to Japan once they receive their working visa.