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After you arrive in Japan, you may still need some help getting adjusted to life in a new culture. To help our clients make a quick and comfortable transition to Japan, we provide several services which altogether we refer to as “Lifestyle Support.” After you see how much stress and effort you’ve saved with MTJ’s help through Lifestyle Support, you’ll wonder how it ever could have been possible without us. Lifestyle support includes the following.

1. Health Insurance
Once you move into Japan, you are required by law to sign up for civil health insurance. That way, in case you do get sick, you can visit the doctor right away. We can assist you in signing up for this.

2. Residency Card
It can be dangerous to carry your passport with you every day as your form of ID. Instead, you should carry your public ID. We will help you with the processing of getting your public ID card once you move in to your new home.

3. Bank Account
Registering for a bank account in Japan is not easy if you don’t speak Japanese. We will handle all the translation needed for you to open an account.

4. Phone Contact
Most phone companies don’t speak English. We can sign you up for a phone contract right away so you have an easier way to communicate with everyone.

5. Etiquette Class
It’s good to know about Japanese etiquette and manners so that you are not rude to anyone. Once per month, we host a class so that you can blend right in with the local customs.

6. Social Networking Events
After you move to Japan, you will still have plenty of opportunities to meet new people who have also just recently moved as well. Once per month, we will host a small networking event so you can make friends and connections early on. Food and drinks will be provided!

7. Monthly Follow-Up Meeting
Get a one-on-one meeting with our consultants and talk to us about any problems or translation services you may need. We want to take care of any issues before they become bigger problems!

Of course, if you run into any other issues beyond the ones listed above, we will try our best to help you. As long as your contract with MTJ is valid, you will have access to our consulting services. To get started, click the link below and begin the registration process!

Generally our consulting services are meant to be the final step for clients who sign up with us when applying for a Japanese visa, but if you’re already in Japan and want access to our consulting services, just send us a message and we will work with you to figure out a plan that works!

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